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East African Expeditions

invites you to travel with us on a trip to the Africa of your dreams.

Geographical Giants
Our expedition company is based in Arusha, Tanzania near the awesome snowcapped Mount Kilimanjaro. If a line had to be drawn around one place in Africa that contains the highest, longest or largest geographical giants, one could only choose Tanzania. Roughly one-fourth of the country is officially protected as a monumental tribute to its natural wealth.
The Serengeti National Park is home of the "Great Migration" - the annual circuit of over 2 million herbivores.

Journey to the Heart of the Best of Africa
East African Expeditions employees have several years of experience in accommodating visitors to Tanzania. Our Managing Director, Philip Massonda, graduated from the Mwika Wildlife Management College, a well-respected African school. He is a master at finding and identifying birds and animals that inhabit the region. Please refer to the testimonials. Our seasoned guides will safely take you on an unforgettable journey to the heart of the best of Africa.

Timeless Beauty
It is the mission of East African Expeditions to show this natural treasure to the world and impact the lives of our guests forever. We hope that our visitors will take home the message that we share the earth with splendid creatures living in magnificent landscapes that deserve attention and protection.

Njema Safari,
Philip and Allen



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