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Here are just a few comments from our satisfied clients:

“It is with great pleasure that I give my utmost recommendation for Philip Massonda. Philip is an excellent guide and brings with him a wealth of knowledge on African wildlife, tradition, and culture. Philip succeeded in making our safari a memorable experience and added his personal touch whenever possible. His love for the native birds, as well as, animals was contagious. Philip is highly skilled in seeking and sighting African wildlife and takes personal pride in doing so. I would recommend him as a guide without reservation for your upcoming East African Expeditions. Once again thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with others.”

- E. Sevush

“During the summer of 2001, I toured Tanzania on a wildlife safari for several weeks under the guidance of driver/guide Philip Massonda. Although I have toured the world extensively, there is no doubt that this was one of the finest experiences of my life. The thousands of animals we encountered, and the unbelievable close proximity to them were way beyond expectations. Philip is very much at home with these animals, and has great admiration and respect for their well being. His knowledge of their habits is exceptional. He makes each client feel that it is their own, personal tour. And it is very important to him that you experience the excitement and awe of being in the midst of all of these wild creatures in a serene moment caught in time, while never sacrificing your personal safety. Philip has made many new friends for his homeland. A safari taken with Philip as a guide is a never to be forgotten adventure and a kaleidoscope of thrills!”

- Robert Wilkie
Clearwater Beach, Florida

“ In January 2002, my brother Bill and I took the trip of a lifetime to East Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and go on Safari in Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti Plains. Having traveled extensively all over the world as a young man it was a pleasure to return to Africa for the second time after a hiatus of more than 20 years. All the memories I remembered from my last trip came back to me over the two weeks. My greatest surprise was how much more enjoyable this trip was then my fondly remembered travels from so many years ago. The biggest, and best, improvement was the wonderful ability of our safari guide, Philip Massonda. What would have been a very nice adventure and trip was turned into something more memorable due to the ability, friendship and experience of Philip. He has the rare ability to determine what it is that people enjoy and customizes the trip accordingly.

  My brother is a retired police Lieutenant and was fascinated in the government and daily lives of Tanzanians. For me it was the opportunity to be flexible with our plans and to go where our instincts told us. I was very happy to be able to drive the 4 wheel drive Land Cruiser for a part of the safari (not something most companies would have permitted I'm sure). Additionally, Philip was a wealth of information on the flora and fauna of East Africa. What was initially a passing interest in plants and the birds of Africa became a genuine passion by the end of the two weeks, largely due to Philips natural abilities as a teacher. Not only does he make it fascinating but he clearly loves the subject.

  How impressed were we? After a long planned trip to Peru in 2003, my brother Bill, myself and several other members of our families are planning another trip to go on Safari the following year with our friend Philip. Tanzania is a fascinating country made infinitely more interesting by an association with Philip Massonda.”

- Richard Christiano
Lexington, Massachusetts

“My husband and I had the pleasure of touring with Philip in July 2001 in Tanzania. He is such a wonderful ambassador for his country! His knowledge has such a range from history to wildlife. Philip not only encouraged our questions and answered with promptness and energy, but would quiz us later to ensure that he was educating us as much as possible. He is a fabulous guide with much more to offer than textbook information. His personality and charm has made him a friend. We sincerely hope to one day get the chance to not only tour with him again, but to give him a tour of our home town. Anyone who is lucky enough to tour with Philip will soon appreciate him as a guide, a teacher, and a friend.”

- Jen and Chris Dion

“Philip Massonda was one of the guides for our group tour in Tanzania in the summer of 2001. Although it was his first time to guide such an extensive safari, he handled his responsibilities as if he had done it many times before. His knowledge of birds and animals was excelling, and he could spot and identify them at a great distance. Philip was sensitive to those of us who are avid photographers and would try to get to the best possible positions from which to take pictures. All in all, he was an excellent guide - knowledgeable, helpful, and pleasant. ”

- Helen B. Frye, Ph.D.

“In what I call the trip of a lifetime and one that my family and I will never forget, our Safari was marked by sightings of practically every East African bird and animal, of which they had a wealth of information. The lodgings, food and guides were all exceptional. Beautiful sunrises and memorable sunsets by the fire punctuated each day's adventure. We will never forget our great friends in Tanzania.”

- Bob Knasas and family
Norwell, MA

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